Monday, May 16, 2011


What better way to spend an evening, but doing two things that rank highly in my favorites list: taking photographs and drinking wine!

A great time was had at Kathleen's wine tasting party. This girl pulled out all the stops. There was wonderful company, tasty foods, a lively atmosphere and the vino was flowing!

Kathleen has been involved with WineShop At Home for a little over a month now. She always loved drinking and learning about wine, so when the opportunity presented itself to turn a love of hers into a little side project business, it just felt right. 

WineShop At Home is a winery straight from beautiful wine country itself... Napa Valley. They have branched out and now do guided in-home wine tastings. Unlike most wineries that produce only 3-5 wines a year, WineShop At Home produces 4 new wines a month! All wines are made in a limited quantity, so they sell out quickly. But, this also means there is always something fresh to try. 

Kathleen did a superb job presenting the 6 different wines chosen by this particular evening's host. I loved getting to learn a little something new about the wines and taste each alongside its recommended pairings. 

I felt especially honored that she'd asked me to photograph this particular party. Our photos will be published in the July issue of Stark County's About magazine as part of a kick-off to Kathleen's business venture with WineShop. {Look for us!} She is our area's first and only consultant thus far. 

Here are a few of my favorites shots from the evening...

{I loved that there were not only ideas for foods that would pair well with each wine, but also entire recipes... }

Here are a few of Kathleen giving her little guided tour of the wines... I love how much fun she is having with all of this!

{Here she is ... your area WineShop consultant.}

To learn more about WineShop At Home, you can visit their website or to learn more about how to schedule a party, contact Kathleen at 330.209.7092.

You'll have all sorts of vino fun!


  1. Colleen, thank you for doing such an amazing job taking beautiful photographs of this tasting! The C.E.O. of WineShop saw the spread and loves it! :)


  2. Great shots. Kathleen and Colleen make it look like so much fun!