Monday, May 23, 2011

Brenna is One

It was such a joy to take little Brenna Claire's one-year photos. She is just too sweet: full of smiles and lots of sass. She already has a little signature move, called "Givin' 'em the what for" {in which she proceeds to point her little index finger and give a sassy little look}.

Her big brother, Luke, is all boy. Ornery, boisterous and full of life. It is so cute to see him with little Brenna though... he is instant sweetness. Love it.

Here are a few of my favorites of this cute little family...

{not sure how Brenna feels about this lovin'.}

{look at that smile. contagious, i tell ya!}

{and..... she ate it!}

{luke being a sweet boy... picking flowers for mom.}

{oh, to throw one's head back in laughter. love it!}

{show-down stares with mom}

{wrestle tickle laugh}

{totally not posed. luke really was sitting and smelling flowers.}

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