Monday, March 21, 2011


Oh, and Tiff and James!
What a dynamic little trio. I love these guys. And they photograph well too!

Little Levi was such a trooper. I love his looks of deep thought, this boy is going to be a thinker!

And Tiffanie and James are such beautiful people. Their lives are an outpouring of service and love. Just show up some Sunday at Ekklesia, and you will see!

They have been planting and growing this little church in the heart of Canton for the past few years. Any time I've set foot in these doors, I've felt welcome and at peace. Try it! I'm sure you'll receive the same warm reception.

Here they are.... James, Tiffanie and Levi. Peace, joy and blessings to you three. Xoxo.

Little Levi was very pleasant the entire photo shoot. He just did NOT like this basket. But I must say, he is equally as cute even while crying!

I love how Levi is looking at his Dad!


  1. Fantastic job, Colleen. I know who I'll be calling for my first kid's pics

  2. Colleen, such good work! I've enjoyed sneaking peeks at your photos on your mom's fbook page. I'm going to share this with my niece Kari, her little guy just turned 1 and they love taking pictures!Oh, btw this is Susan from next door to your mom.

  3. all these shots are LEGIT! nice work. boo on watermarks though.

  4. So precious! He is just the spitting image of his daddy, isn't he? and I adore the one of him crying. Such a real moment :)