Wednesday, March 16, 2011

girl power

The only sneak peek the world may see from my latest photo shoot... a boudoir session. Ooh la la... if only you knew.

Boudoir wasn't really an arena of photography I foresaw myself delving into. When a friend approached me to take her photos, I hesitated. I'm always up for a challenge, but to be honest I was nervous. I had no idea how to make the photos sensual and beautiful, while steering clear of too racy and raunchy. It seems a fine line. 

My client had the same concerns. Our visions aligned! Hoorah! 

I found that perhaps this is an area I wouldn't mind exploring more. I enjoyed making a lady-friend feel pretty (something every girl should feel but unfortunately, something every girls struggles to feel). It was rewarding to know my client trusted me enough to showcase her in a beautiful light (in what could potentially be an awkward or vulnerable state for a girl). 

After our shoot, she said, "That was a really fun ego boost! I didn't feel awkward at all!"

I must say, the photos turned out beautifully! Elegant, classy, timeless.... and I'm pretty sure her hubby will enjoy them too.  :

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  1. Of course we are all dying to know- WHO? Very nice commentary, Colleen. And pretty legs, whoever she may be!