Monday, March 25, 2013

A Day in the Life... YOUR Life!

I am so very excited to start offering up something new and fresh. This isn't your typical photo session. Portraits are a beautiful way to capture family milestones. But "A Day in the Life" is the ideal way to capture your family at work, the daily ins and outs... the "unedited" version. 

“A Day in the Life” photo sessions are a very special type of session. This isn’t a time to dress up and pose. This is me, coming to your home, and capturing your life, your moments, your love... as it is happening (no matter how messy it may be). This is real life, unposed.. as it unfolds.

Life and it’s seasons pass so quickly. Being a mama myself, I truly savor my days with my kids, knowing that even next year, my days with them will look different.

I want to capture and freeze the moments that comprise your days in this particular season of your life. Your family's daily rituals and routines are unique and special...and they will pass. Let’s capture them how they happen today, to be remembered for the later years.

For “A Day in the Life” session, I am all yours for up to 5 hours. If you would like breakfast and morning play time captured, I come early. If it’s dinner, baths and the bedtime rituals you are loving in this season of life, I come late. You pick which 5 hours of your day you would like documented and I will be there.

“A Day in the Life” will happen on location, usually your home, as this is where your most real and intimate moments happen. However, we can travel to locations that your family tends to frequent: the park, the library (or if you’re like us, a favorite coffee shop!). I go where you go, capturing your beautiful, messy and real story as it plays out.

Please contact me if you are interested in booking “A Day in the Life” session. It would be my sincerest joy to photograph your family in this raw and real way. This is my passion at work.

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  1. Colleen you are so creative and awesome! Way to think outside of the box and give a family a beautiful gift!