Monday, December 19, 2011

the season's first snow!

It was nothing short of a miracle. After weeks of 40 degree weather, and TONS of rain, my Christmas spirit was a bit low. We were well into December, and yet to see a single flake.

And then, wouldn't you know it, the day I was scheduled to photograph these cousin cuties... down it came! It was like their boisterous and fun little spirits made it happen!

I had such fun with these five cousins. They all had a personality and spunk of their own!

AND... this photo session just goes to prove that outdoor, natural light photography CAN still happen in the winter. I think the snow made for some beautiful and festive shots. See what you think...

{spunky little Leasia}

{beautiful Kwilai}

{... catching snowflakes on her tongue...}

{handsome Whitaker}

{I realize this isn't a "good" photograph, but I love how it captures Leasia's fun spirit. As the others struggle to smile in the background, she just dances in the snow!}

{watching swans}

{proud grandparents}

{sweet + happy Tharli}

{and last, but certainly not least... precious + new Lennox}

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