Monday, September 19, 2011

A Lovely Little Ladybug (+ her two cute brothers!)

It was truly my honor to photograph this beautiful, energetic threesome! Getting to hangout with them for awhile made me a bit sad, as they are soon leaving town. I'm wishing I could've known these kids better.

They are truly special.

And it goes without saying, we will most DEFINITELY be missing their tremendous mama (Melinda). She was the director of the children's program at our church. And she did an AMAZING job. Children are her passion and it shows. You have left awfully big shoes to fill, lady!

Brooke must get her 'awesome-genes' from her mother. To read more about her story, check out her blog: Lovely Little Ladybug. When I heard Brooke's story, I was moved, convicted and challenged. This five year old's struggle has given her a deeper understanding and love for Jesus than perhaps I will ever know. Brooke, you are beautiful.

Here is Brooke, along with her handsome brothers, Aiden + Chandler.

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  1. Thank you colleen!!! You did such an amazing job, and we love all of them!!! It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and your little man! Thanks again for all your kindness and sharing your talent with our fam!