Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mother Nature {in the flesh}

It was such a breath of fresh air to photograph Brittany. She is such a passionate lady. She is a beautiful wife, mama, sister, daughter and bride of Christ.

I loved hearing about her latest ventures and loves. She has a giant heart for people, specifically the family unit. She is currently a motivational speaker and a life coach, specializing in the area of adoption (since she herself was adopted, she has a deep well of experience to draw from).

Brittany is also a lover of nature. So, we sought to bring this out in her photos. I couldn't help but feeling like I was walking along with Mother Nature herself.

Brittany has a Facebook page called "Let's Talk About It" (like it) in which she encourages people from all walks of life, in every situation, to post interesting questions and topics. She loves to come along folks, especially those feeling alone in a strange place, letting them know that no matter your place, someone else has been there and can relate.

She is currently writing an autobiography entitled "My Journey Through Adoption". Can't wait to check it out! Amongst all this, she is a mama to three cuteypatooteys. How does she do it all? I haven't the slightest.

Brittany wanted a few head shots for all her publications and speaking engagements. Of course though, when I have a beautiful and willing subject, I can't stop at just a few boring head shots. Here she is...


  1. What a beautiful girl...course I'm prejudiced! Colleen, you did a great job of capturing Brittany's personality.