Monday, November 1, 2010

Gabe, Julie, Luke + Aubrianna

The odds were stacked against us... but we prevailed! 

After rescheduling once due to not-so-hot weather, we were once again dealt a dreary, rainy, freeeeeezing day! And while little Luke (3 years) and precious Aubrianna (just turned one year!) are the most sweet-natured of little things, they were struggling in this nasty weather... and who could blame them!?

This super cute little family made the best of things. They were very resilient and adaptable. We made do, and we got some great shots! Here are a few that I love... 

I realize the point is to catch them smiling, but Aubrianna is cute while crying too. I just had to include this one.

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  1. Very nice. Cute family, even when crying! Poor baby! I esp like the photo of mom and dad by fence with mom's hair blowing (just a little) in the wind. She looks so pretty.