Tuesday, November 16, 2010

4 Little Vibrant Things

The word "vibrant" just comes to mind when I think of these 4 lovely sisters. They were all so full of energy, love and life. There was such great chemistry and love between them. It was so cute to see how the younger two (Claire + Chloe) went to the older two (Maggie + Taylor) for help or comfort.

These four little vibrant things were so fun to photograph and they worked the camera hard too! Check out these little divas!

The best thing about this next set of photos, is that there was absolutely NO posing involved. These two were really just doing this. How cute are THEY!?

Talk about some Sass-a-frass.... love it!


  1. So sweet. Nice to have so many sisters, what a blessing. Cute girls. Nice job, Ms Colleen. I esp like the hugging pic, the one of the two older girls and the last one where all four are sitting in front of the loading door. I like how you separated the little ones, each one sitting close to an older sister.

  2. What sweet little beauties! :) great work!