Sunday, October 24, 2010

Josh + Christy + Judah

I'm going to apologize in advance for the amount of photos I'm about to post. But, I just couldn't stop picking out my "favorites". This cute little family have huge hearts and warm smiles to begin with, but then they really light up in front of the camera. And then not to mention, they picked some gorgeous spots for their photo shoot. Little Judah was a trip, he sure knew how to make me smile. He made a very handsome cowboy too! (I think his favorite part of the day was most likely the apple orchard.... see for yourself).

Time for a Dad Tickle Session.....

 (Notice that the color of Judah's apple in this next photo, is NOT the same color as the apple in the previous photo:)  )

Please read this next photo as though it were a Flipbook: "Judah Finds an Apple".


  1. Love the pics...but I'm a little biased!

  2. Fantastic Photos! I absolutely love the apple pics-great idea. Judah is so cute. Beautiful work Colleen on capturing this sweet fam!

  3. AWESOME guy look like a catalog lay out....gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Love the part where "Judah finds an apple" :) Beautiful job capturing the essence of an obviously beautiful family!