Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jessica (& Sisters!)

So when one of my "bestest" friends ever (Miss Regina) asked me if I would photograph her little sister for her Senior portraits, I was (of course) super excited and honored. We then decided to take the awesome quotient up a few thousand notches by turning the session into a Sister Photo Shoot! I can't tell you how much I am in love with these photos  (and the girls in them!). My husband and I have loved watching little Jessica grow up and turn into the lovely young lady she is today. To do her senior photos was not only an honor, but almost a tear jerker! O.k.... I'll stop now. Here are some of my favorites of Jessica and her two older sisters, Regina & Angela.

I forgot to mention, that you will never find a girl in all the world that loves her dog more than Miss Jessica. Here she is with her love, Samson. 

Oh, the sisterly love. Can you feel it? :)


  1. Colleen your so good! I feel privileged that your took my pics & I have already decided that you are going to take my engagement photos (who knows when that will be :)

  2. Love 'em all but I especially adore the last one and the one where you can just here Regina saying "awww she's so cute" while poking her cheek.