Saturday, October 9, 2010

It All Started With ... Love

My first post! What a daunting task... oh the pressure! Where to start? I guess... honestly, this whole "photo-taking" thing started with, well... love. 

It was my love for my dear little nieces and nephews that got me a little obsessed with taking photos. I wanted so badly to always remember their sweetness as it was, at that moment. 

And now, others have been asking me to photograph the people THEY love! What an honor! I can't think of any gift I'd rather bestow upon others, than a beautiful image of someone they hold dear. 

And, so here I am. I've decided to call this little photo-taking endeavor: {we love your love} photography. The name came to me out of my reason for photographing... love.

I've decided to create a little blog to document my recent work. I'm having so much fun with all of this. I hope you all love the love like I do!

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